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by Lauren


I was gifted these succulents from Germany (southeast Germany- nearest town Bodenmais).

I am in LOVE with them and want to make sure I take fantastic care of them.

We currently live in Texas where the weather is all over the place so my current succulents are potted and pretty hearty.

I will be heartbroken if I hurt these…since they come from my husband’s family’s land in Germany. I am not sure if they are the same type but just different coloration or if I have two different succulents.

Do you know what type these are? And any guidance on planting and care? I feel like I need to get them in the dirt fast. TIA!!!

Comments for Succulents from Germany

Oct 08, 2017

by: Jacki

These are two different varieties of Sempervivum – these are hardy succulents, meaning they don’t like being indoors for the winter.

I’m not sure how happy they’ll be in Texas as it’s so hot in the summer, and although they like bright light, they don’t particularly like heat.

However, you may be able to keep them happy planted in a place outdoors that gets sun in the morning, but is shaded for the hot afternoon.

More about this genus here.

As for getting them into the dirt fast, I’ve seen these growing in no soil at all, so don’t worry about that!