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by Debby Vignali
(Waunakee WI)


Whole Plant


We have an unidentified succulent that sprouted a very tall (24″) slender flower stalk that has small pink flowers. Any idea what this is?

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Debbie;
This is typical of many Echeveria that will bloom in late summer and through the winter, conditions being right, of course.

The flowers will open in sequence, and generally consist of a small bell shaped bloom, dangling from an arching spray held high over the top of the plant.

Seen in a group planted in ground, this can be a spectacular site. The blooms eventually fade, in three weeks or so, and the spray can be cut off at the base.

Judging from the dark colour of the plant, this is Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ or other close relative. These are amongst the darkest of all ‘black’ plants if kept in bright enough light.

See the page on how to grow Echeveria for more.

Happy Succulent Growing!