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Get your Succulent wedding ideas with this Succulent Wedding Gallery; Succulents are quite happy to be prepared days in advance, and don’t even need to be refrigerated.


The ease and beauty of these incredible ‘flowers’ is an exciting new trend. They combine equally well with rustic seed pods and moss, or lovely and fragile looking orchids.

They can even be painted to match the colours of the bridal party.

Sempervivum, one of the hardiest of all succulents is ideal for this, as there are many that although they have a beautiful shape, tend to be in a plain old green colour.

Paint them deepest purple or teal to match what the bridesmaids are wearing. Many can survive this treatment, although they’ll look a bit off until the paint wears off, or they grow out of it.

Keep in mind that when you paint them, it will clog up the pores that they breathe through, so be kind to them afterwards, and put them outside in a recovery bed.


Whether it’s a solemn occasion, or one that makes you giddy with joy, succulents with their complete lack of fussiness will allow you to enjoy your special day to the fullest.

After, once the excitement is over, you can put the Sempervivum (shown in several of these pictures) outside to grow, and the other tender succulents will be happy potted up into well drained soil to sit on a bright window sill.

As a reminder of your special day, succulents for your wedding flowers are unparallelled.

If it’s a gift made by an auntie or loved one, you’ll appreciate the care and consideration of a centerpiece that will last for a lot longer than just flowers, like the picture of the succulent wreath below;


Jean Thielmann sent this gorgeous picture and says; My niece was recently married, and wanted succulents in her design. I made succulent wreaths for her guest tables.

The photographs of all these gorgeous succulent wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and wedding flowers are kindly contributed by several prominent photographers, wedding and event planners and florists in the Red Deer Alberta area.

If you’re planning a succulent wedding in southern Alberta, make sure you contact these incredibly talented people for assistance – the links are in the gallery below.

Use these pictures to illustrate how your succulent wedding should look; please don’t copy the pictures, but link to them from Pinterest or other photo sharing website. This helps protect the copyright – please respect the photo credits.

Are you planning a Succulent Wedding?

Using succulents as wedding flowers is all the rage – show off your pictures here!

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