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by ashley
(el dorado kansas)


It was about 8 inches tall, I recently dropped it and broke most of it off (hoping it survives); it has really thick leaves, some parts were up to 1/2 inch thick. fuzz covers the whole plant.

Hi Ashley, luckily, most succulents can withstand this type of damage, and easily recover.

However, it means that you have to give it exactly the right treatment for it to survive.

If you kept the top part, you can make that into a cutting, and it will grow into a whole new plant.

Let it dry out, yes, I’m not kidding, it has to dry out and callous, so it doesn’t rot.

Succulents have an amazing ability to compartmentalize damage, and survive and root in spite of it.

For the bottom part; patience! It will sprout out new growth from the dormant buds that are in the axil of every leave, and you’ll get a nice bushy plant.

Just water as normally, and repot it if you like, because that pot will be much too small once the new growth starts.

I recommend terracotta pots because they’re heavier than plastic and stay upright even if the plant gets top heavy.

My best guess on the identity of this plant is that it’s a member of the Kalanchoe but with only three leaves to go on, it’s impossible to tell you more.

Hope that helps,

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