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by Deb Krajnak
(Atlanta, GA)


Something is making holes in the stem/trunk of my succulent, and is now making holes in an offshoot. When I stick my fingers in the dark hole, it feels gritty. I don’t see any insects in the hole or on the plant. I don’t want to lose the succulent, which has leaves like paddles. I’ve had it a long time. I take it in during the winter and put it outside in the spring in the sun. I live in Atlanta, GA. I haven’t noticed any problems with the kalanchoe in the pot beside it. Do you know what the holes might be and how I can treat the plant? It is otherwise very healthy. Also, do you know the name of this succulent? Can’t find it online. Thanks.

Oddly enough, this is also a Kalanchoe – thyrsiflora or luciae – you can see more here: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

For the issue with the invader, I’m thinking possibly some type of moth or beetle has dug a hole and laid their eggs in it, or possibly even a cricket.

It sounds as though the larvae has hatched out and left after pupating in the plant, so all is well there; however, the damage could potentially trigger some rotting if you don’t watch it.

I would probably propagate some of the growth that isn’t affected, just to make sure you don’t lose the plant.

Best of luck battling the invaders!