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by Dannielle Woodford

Hi I have 4 hanging baskets and I am having trouble keeping what ever I put in them alive. I have been putting flowers, but I would like to try succulents what do you advise? please help? dannielle

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Dannielle, excellent choice – succulents of all kinds are totally at home in any container, and they don’t care if they hang in the air.

This gives you the opportunity to try some different types all combined. The beauty of succulents is the sheer variety of texture, color and sizes, which all mesh together perfectly.

When you plant, put the root balls close together for a really full look, water one or two times, then they’ll start to fill out.

If you try some tender succulents like Echeveria, Senecio rowleyanus (the string of pearls plant for dangling over the edge, Sedum varieties, Crassula for some height and maybe even some of the smaller Aloe varieties, this will give you a low maintenance hanging basket all summer.

I highly recommend these for those hot and sunny areas as all of these need bright light, and love warmer conditions.

For a basket that may not get really bright light, try a combination of the many Haworthia species as they actually prefer less bright conditions, and a bit more water.

Keep in mind that if they’re in this kind of condition, they will still need water, but maybe only once every day or so, instead of twice a day for some other flowers like Petunias.

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Best of luck with your project, I hope you will share some pictures!