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Image with question No.1


As I had asked on Facebook, but since you couldn’t see the images, I’ll post here as requested:

For the first image:
“Also, out of curiousity, what’s the plant to the far back right?
Thanks in advance (sorry for the odd messages – at work and still fretting about the lithops…I kinda freaked and composted them…but if I ever get another one, I kind of want to realize what I’m doing wrong).”

On the second image:

“Sorry; I was also wondering, if the top left plant in this picture is the same as the top right plant in the previous picture? I’m curious because it came with the other miniatures (some kind of ‘succulent greenhouse kit’ from Safeway)…and it originally wasn’t doing very well…but I liked the lithops and haworthia that came with it, as well as the standard sempervivums, so I bought it. I sort of want to give both that unknown plant and the lithops another go…I think I need to get that lithops ebook of yours…Thanks again.”

Also, if I wanted to have a pretty pot of lithops, how do you suggest I “pretty” it up? (First off, by not mixing it with other succulents, as you’ve suggested already, but is there anything else I could do?). And you wouldn’t happen to have either the unknown succulent or lithops for sale on your online store, would you (also considering that at the moment).

Thank you so much!


Hi Irene, thanks so much for posting here; now I can get a better look at the pictures;

So, the pale blue plant (which I think is the one you’re asking about) is Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks. It does look like the same plant in both pictures, and no sorry I don’t carry that, or the Lithops right now because I’ve been concentrating on the hardy succulents, and those are both what are called tender succulents, and not able to withstand cold temperatures.

For prettying up a pot of Lithops, as they grow in desert like conditions, you can use pebbles or rocks to decorate the top of the soil, or even something like sea glass, or those melted glass blobs, or even marbles. Would that work for what you want?

Hope that helps,

Comments for Succulent identification, please and thank you!

Jun 05, 2013

by: W. Irene Thanh

Hmm, Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks, huh? Well, I hope to get another stab at it sometime soon…the one I got ended up withering quickly, again from the bottom, but that was even before I had started repotting the “green house” succulents. Well, as I said, at least I still have the Senecio kleiniiformis that I managed to save (and found the name on your incredibly helpful section, here!) Thanks again!

You’re welcome! 😉

Oct 06, 2015

Bottom left
by: Amy

I have been searching high and low for the name of the plant in this picture. It’s the bottom row, far left. Anyone have a name?? It’s the only succulent I have without a name.. Thanks a bunch!

Apr 09, 2016

Sedum rubrotinctum
by: Jacki

Hi Amy, sorry to miss your question. The plant I think you’re referring to looks like Sedum rubrotinctum. There are two forms, one of them known as ‘Aurora’ which is very pastelly and quite pretty, which this one seems to be.

Hope that helps.

Jul 02, 2016

The Green Plant obviously a succulent
by: Darla

This was a gift. Large plant with 2.5-3 ft “stems” “stalks” ? growing quickly in house – waxy leaves with moisture holding stems called the Green Plant on the card. Says to keep moist to the touch in some indirect sun daily. How big will this plant get and is it a house plant?? Leaves are two across from each other. Not much sorry experience.

Jul 03, 2016

Without a picture…
by: Jacki

It’s impossible to say what it is and what it will look like. The clue here is that it’s labeled ‘Green Plant’. If the grower (read manufacturer here) isn’t willing or knowledgeable enough to even give a hint, there’s a good chance that your plant is not suited for indoor living. Enjoy it while it looks good, then discard it. Or practice your propagation skills on it. Or pruning techniques.

Post a picture on the Facebook page here;

Oct 16, 2016

sedum pachyphyllim
by: e1

im very certain that the answer to amy’s question is sedum pachyphyllum, which is slightly different to rubrotinctum.

Feb 06, 2018

by: Ayden

What are the two plants in the middle on the top row? I’ve been looking all over for what it’s called but just can’t find it.

Feb 06, 2018

Aydens Question
by: Jacki

The middle two are possibly x Graptoveria of some kind (the pinkish one) and the green one, sorry, don’t recognize it.