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Want to collaborate? 

Drought Smart Plants is accepting advertising from high quality businesses in the plant industry – if you grow succulents or other plants, have related products such as planters or containers, or books on the subject, we need to talk.

Succulent Advertising

The select few sponsors that I accept for spots on this website will have exceptional plants or products and integrity and ethics in their dealings with customers.

If this sounds like your company, let’s join forces for good.

The best situation in advertising is a win/win/win. 

  • Good for me, so I can guide visitors to my website to great quality plants, products and books.
  • Good for you – it’s all about exposure, branding and traffic. 
  • And good for my visitors to give them whatever they’re searching for.

There are many options for getting your brand in front of lots of eyeballs. 

You can purchase space in a physical magazine, with lots of subscribers, and on topic to your offerings. 

There are television spots available in national tv shows, or more local. 

Or, you can advertise to my visitors who number in the thousands every day and pre-sell to them by having your very own bio page.

This page will have a link to your landing page which can even greet the visitor and direct them to the best place for them to buy what they’re looking for.

Your bio page is the best way for visitors to get to know you. 

Trust is all about feeling like you’re a friend, not a stranger trying to sell them something.  Getting your brand in front of them in a non-threatening way is one of the nicest ways to increase exposure. 

When people feel like you’re guiding them, they’re eager to look at your offerings.

Other valuable options; leverage my email list, and send a targeted message to 4000 5200 5800 subscribers – this is an exclusive offer and may be withdrawn at any time.

Or, go directly through Mediavine, the company which provides the ads you see on this site. You can sign up and bid for space on the website through them – this is ideal for text links and small ads.

Let me post on my social media accounts about your products.

Whichever you choose, the eyeballs will be eagerly awaiting your offerings.

Get in touch and let’s talk!

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