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by plantkiller

so sad my plants are dying. they are a variety of succulents which was told they are impossible to kill but i have already killed my housewarming gift and now it seems my terrarium is on its way out to.

The leaves seem to fall off. the ones which fall off are really squishy.

the housewarming gift i thought i killed it by overwatering but my terrarium i was really careful about that and now have no clue?

Dear Plantkiller, without pictures of what kinds of plants these are, and where you’re keeping them, it’s hard to say.

Generally, terrariums, although popular for growing succulents in, are not really their preferred conditions; terrariums hold moisture in, where succulents like to have lots of ventilation; they also can heat up too much if they are in a sunny window.

Also without any kind of drainage holes, without exactly the right kind of soil, pathogens can build up in the soil, and the plants get root rot.

From your description of what’s happening, I would suggest that this housewarming gift has already worn out its welcome, and the plants can be safely composted, and you can replace the plants with something that actually likes being in a terrarium; some brightly colored glass balls maybe?

If you’re really sure you want to keep trying succulents, why not try some faux plants – you can’t tell these apart from the real ones until you really look closely.

Just a few suggestions,