Unusual, and stinky, flowers

Stapelia, the Carrion Flower, is a very interesting plant, both to grow as a houseplant, and to see it bloom.

The plant itself is a simple looking green cluster of stems, with no leaves, but distinctive clusters of soft needles.


These emerge in a pattern of small groups, mostly on the edges of the four cornered stems.

The rare flowers are spectacular, some in dark red shades to resemble blood, others with squiggly lines or markings.

In a strange quirk, the flowers themselves actually emit the odor of rotting meat, which attracts pollinating insects to transfer the pollen to other related flowers blooming at the same time.

The genus originally contained several species which have since been transferred to Huernia at various times since the discovery of these plants in South Africa.


The residents in some villages in their native habitat eat these plants after boiling them, and from all accounts, they’re quite palatable.

As they grow easily on rock walls used for keeping out livestock, this allows the farmer to utilize every scrap of land for some kind of crop or another.

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