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by Emily


There are four plants in the container total, but I only need help with two.

The first one I believe is some kind of Echeveria but I’m not certain. The second one I believe is a stonecrop but I’m not certain again.

I need to know for sure so I can do some research on them before fair rolls around. Thanks.

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Jul 31, 2017
One out of Two
by: Jacki

That is an Echeveria, it looks like Echeveria glauca.

This one looks like it needs a bit more light, so make sure it’s in a bright window or under a grow light. This is crucial for Echeveria – they don’t do well in dim conditions.

As for the other little plant, I don’t think it’s a stonecrop, which would be some kind of Sedum. I don’t recognize it at all, sorry.

Again, it looks like it needs more light, as it’s stretching to reach more.

Feb 19, 2018
First picture
by: Pauline

This is some type of eccaveria there’s hundreds. But it’s common. If you search it will not look like any you see as it is rising out of flower formation growing up instead of out seeking the sun. If snip off the top nesting of leaves, allow it to heal(the cut end about 2 week) and then stick stem into Sandy dirt it will root. Keep moist til roots appear then only when dry.keep in full sun.