by Ashley
(Lewisburg, Tn)

My husband knows that I adore growing and caring for plants so, after a rough day, he bought me a “cactus” from Kroger because there was not other living plant there.

I love this little guy but it had no tag. It is a small dark green plant with thick kind of tear shaped leaves. At the end of the four extension are some mock flowers. The are not actually flowers but the same leaf in tiny flower shape that has a burgundy tint underneath them. I don’t know how else to describe my nameless treasure other than saying that the leaves are smooth. Please help me.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Ashley, that is so sweet. However, you may not think it’s so great when your plant tries to take over the world. I’m pretty sure what you have is similar to some of the plants on the spotted leaves with tiny baby plants page. Enjoy it while it’s young and cute, then be prepared to deal with it ruthlessly.

Oh, well, it’s the thought that counts…

Good luck,

fast growing, blue green giant triangular leaves

by Adrienne Montondon
(Beaumont, TX)


at the tips of the leaves, soft salmon pink flowers with whole new plant and roots ready to clip and start.

extremely fast growing

Drought Smart Plants reply:

This plant goes by the common names of Maternity Plant or Mother of Thousands (or Millions, if you prefer) or Mexican Hat Plant for the appearance of the leaves outlined with the ‘pups’. The correct botanical name is Kalanchoe daigremontiana. You can find out more about it here on Daves Garden Website.

Keep in mind that most parts of this plant are poisonous, and it’s extremely invasive in warm climates. Other than that, it’s a fun, unique plant with some odd and interesting characteristics.

Have fun with it, but keep it controlled.

Thick green leaves with a row of green buds on the edges

by Monika
(Costa Rica)


I live in Costa Rica and saved this from a project I was working on. It is doing well, but is so tall it is falling over in it’s pot. Should I plant it deeper? In the ground if necessary?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Monica, details for your plant are on this page about plants with spotted leaves with little tiny plants. They are all related to each other, the one like yours are Kalanchoe daigremontiana, or the Mexican Hat Plant or Mother of Thousands.

Don’t let it escape, especially in your lovely warm climate as they are quite invasive. I would simply take a cutting off the top of the plant, and discard the lower part. Please dispose of this plant responsibly – it really can be quite a problem. To read more about it, see also this page from Daves Garden.

You won’t need luck with this especially easy plant, just stand back as it will try and take over the world!


Mexican Hat Plant

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)


tiny plants like bobbles on a sombrero


The tiny plants look just like the bobbles that you get on a sombrero, hence the name. Even though the adult leaves are serrated, they are soft and rubbery, not sharp the way they appear here.

Many other Kalanchoes have similar edged leaves.

The baby leaves are rounded, and slightly cup shaped. Once they get their second set of leaves, they become too heavy and fall to the soil, as they’re very delicately attached.

As you can see from the picture titled ‘look at the tiny roots’ the roots dangle like a jellyfish, absorbing moisture from the air while the little plant gets bigger, also utilizing energy from the adult plant.

Comments for Mexican Hat Plant

Dec 21, 2012

I have one now
by: Anonymous

I have one of those plants….

Aug 22, 2012

mexican hat plant
by: Anonymous

Where can I purchase a few of these plants? I use to own one years ago and have been looking for awhile now.

These are one of those plants that seem to go in phases, for a while everyone has them, then they’re hard to find. I would look at Dave’s Garden Website to see if you can find someone selling them.

Botanical Garden Beauty

by Kirt
(Bradenton FL)

I picked up this lovely lady at the local flea market. The seller had no idea what it was, the only information they could provide was that it came from the a botanical garden.

The leaves grow tiny clones that the plant drops in order to propagate itself.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Kirt, your Botanical Garden Beauty is one of the same plants on this page about plants with spotted leaves with tiny baby plants; have a look to see if yours is one of them. There are many similar types, all with this same ‘vivaporous’ talent.


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Jan 04, 2017

You can share here
by: Jacki

Go to this page and submit your pictures;

Jan 04, 2017

Indian Hat plant flowers picture
by: sai

Hi I have the Indian hat plant where edges of leaves have seedlings.
this produced flowers and I like to share that picture here.
How do I submit the picture?

Weird mini plant producing spotted Madagascar succulent

by Allie
(Sheboygan wisconcin)

Starts as small plant with round leaves. As it matures leaves curl up and become long thin and needle-like. Instead of dropping seeds the mature plant grows baby plants complete with leaves and roots on the ends on the top “needles” which then drop off. Plant is bright green on top and pinkish-brown on the bottom with dark green spots. Comes from Madagascar.

Comments for Weird mini plant producing spotted Madagascar succulent

Jul 08, 2010

Duplicate plant or something different
by: Jacki

Check out this page and see if it sounds like your plant.