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Bundles of spikes. Kind of looks like aloe.

These do indeed look like Aloe, and are related to them, but it’s Haworthia. There are several species that look similar in this genus; H. attenuata and H. fasciata are two of them.

Although these plants like a little less light than their cousins, this one is evidently not getting enough; you can tell by the way it’s stretching, and paling out. That light color is a dead giveaway that it needs brighter intensity.

You can see more about Haworthia here, and more about succulent care here.

Comments for Spiky plant

Apr 21, 2017

Spiky tall
by: Terry

This one grows tall and babies come up from roots like Aloe. Mine have verigated leaves. Spibdly stems. Start close to soil. Spikes on leaves. How can I post pic?

Apr 21, 2017

Post pic here…
by: Jacki

Hi Terry, you can post your picture here.