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by Scott
(Wagner )


I just bought a Money Tree at Costco. They were such a great deal and so green and full. I live in Alberta, Canada so needless to say it’s pretty dang cold right now.

After a day or two, the leaves just went pure brown and started to wilt and fall off. Is this from the weather from transferring it inside ? Regardless, is there anything I can do to rejuvenate this plant?

It’s in the middle of my living room where I have a large south facing window, that gets indirect light for the better half of the morning.

Comments for Money Tree struggling

Jan 29, 2021
Bad sign
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

It’s a bad sign when the leaves go brown like that. It is usually caused by extreme cold, so it obviously was too cold on the way from the store to your car. There is nothing you can do to save those damaged leaves, but you may salvage the plant.

Don’t water it.

Pull all the leaves off it.

Then wait.

If the stem and roots are okay, it may recover but these plants have no protection from cold temperatures – they come from Africa, after all.

Be patient, hopefully in a few weeks you’ll see some tiny green bits emerging.