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by Bonnie
(Marysvale Utah)

I want to know what I can do for my snowball tree. All the leaves have dried out and it looks as if it is dying. Do I need to feed it and if so what?

Feeding a sick tree will be the last nail in its coffin.

From your description, it sounds like it may be too late, and your tree won’t survive anyway.

Once the leaves all dry out, that indicates extreme stress.

Without knowing more about your conditions that you’re trying to grow it in, the actual plant and some pictures, I can’t really advise you.

If you think there is some chance of it making it, ask at your local garden center, garden club or a horticulturist who can come and look at it in person and give you some ideas of what’s going on.

Sorry I can’t make any better diagnosis of the problem from so far away.

Best of luck,