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by Robert
(KY (Central))


My initial guess is “Aloe aristata”.

From the pictures you can see that it has uniform small white nodules on the exterior face of the leaves. The edges of the leaves are not serrated/toothed and the spine at the end point of each leaf is firm but not strictly rigid. The pot, including all three sprouts, is approx. 3 in. in diameter and at the tallest point they are approx. 3-4 in. tall.

I rescued the plant from a sad existence next to its friends in fading fluorescent lights and lack of watering in the clearance isle of Walmart’s garden department. After a little TLC, some direct sunlight for a few days and some water with a hint of liquid fertilizer (miracle grow for small/indoor plants), it has developed a nice deep green and the new up-shoots from the apical center of the plant are growing fast. I have had some training in botany during the course of my biology degree, but I am really more of microbiologist :).

I would really like to know the scientific name of my little plant if you all could so kindly share any of your knowledge please. I guess its the biologist in me…thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. On the opposite side of the Plant Info tag, there were two rows of numbers and letters. Just in case they are useful, I will provide them below.


Comments for Small, rich green succulent that looks to be in the Aloe genus…

Oct 28, 2010

One of my favorite – Haworthia
by: Jacki

Hi Robert – your rescue is not an Aloe, but one of my favorite kinds of plants – the Haworthia tribe is often sold under the assumed name of Aloe, but they are completely different, mostly in their requirements for light. They do better in our houses due to the fact that they need less light, and also don’t mind more water – which is the leading cause of death for most succulent plants.

You have Haworthia fasciata, one of the more popular and well known of the genus.

The numbers on the tag mean nothing to us, as they are simply inventory tracking numbers for the store – box stores run on SKU numbers and bar codes.

Other posts about Haworthia that you might be interested in –
Aloe mix that turned out to be , guess what? Haworthia! And Chuck Norris the (now identified) succulent.

Oct 29, 2010

Love your new plant
by: Roxanne

It’s so cute! I can see why you’d think it an Aloe plant. I’ve walked thru many a Wal-Mart stores feeling like rescuing all their plants. It makes me feel so bad. Well, this plant has no doubt been “saved”. GOOD JOB!

Nov 03, 2010

Thank you all!
by: Robert

Thank you all for your comments! It is nice to finally know what species it is and what its specific requirements and range is. As a side note, I also rescued a little “lucky bamboo” from a friends dorm hall that had been left next to the trash. Again with some more TLC it is growing super fast…at this rate I will have to move it from the table to the floor in front of the window! Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Jul 31, 2012

I just need the name its name! 🙂
by: Anto

Hi.. Anybody can tell me what is the name of the plant in this Photo? I’ve bought it but i don’t know its name. Please help me! Thank you!

It’s called Haworthia, and you can find out more here: Haworthia – sorry, it doesn’t have a common name.