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by Heather


I got this plant in a basket with six or seven other plants, not all of which were succulents. I thought it was jade for a while because it had thick leaves, but when I received a real jade plant cutting, I realized it’s too shiny to be a Jade plant.

The leaves are really shiny and waxy and when I replanted it, bright orange flowers bloomed. I don’t have photos of them but they were kind of bell shaped and they also looked waxy and shiny.

The plant is about 12 inches tall and has a ton of stalks.

I got the plants from my mothers funeral so I’ve been trying to identify all the unidentified flowers I received. This one and two others have yet to be named.

Hi Heather, this would be one of the Goldfish or Lipstick Plants; there are many in the genus Aeschynanthus that go by either of these names. Sorry I can’t narrow it down more without seeing the flowers; they are pouchlike, and do indeed look just like a little fish in some cases, or longer and more tubular in others.

All of these plants, which are related to African violets, believe it or not, thrive in bright filtered light, with high humidity.

Think, forest floor, or in the trees, which is where these are most happy; up off the ground in a hanging basket they flourish and produce their flowers at the tips of the dangling stems.

Hope that helps narrow it down for you,

Comments for Shiny, Green Plant with Shiny Orange Bell shaped flowers

Jun 23, 2013

by: Heather

I looked up the Goldfish plant and the flowers look pretty much exactly like that. So I’m going to go with Goldfish Plant. Thanks so much!