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by Shreela
(Bhilai, India)

bulbous leaves bright green 21499055

thumb bulbous leaves bright green 21499055

thumb bulbous leaves bright green 21499056

I got this, & 4 others from a roadside seller (holidaying in the hilly areas).

I don’t recognize it, & where I live is pretty much tropical (21° 13′ N / 81° 26′ E) – it’s gonna get hot.

Right now I’ve kept them totally indoors, & in their nursery package.

If you would please tell me what they are, & some of their habits, I’ll accordingly try to see them through the ensuing Indian summer … they are so cute – I couldn’t not get them!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Now you can understand how addictive these plants are!

This little guy is one of the many gorgeous Sedum species – probably Sedum rubrotinctum or something similar, also called Jelly Bean Sedum.

You’ll have fun with this one, it’s so cute. It probably will change colour when you have it in brighter light.

You can gather many different types together in a large planter as most of the succulent plants available in garden centers and markets are the easier to grow varieties and species, and all have similar water and soil requirements.

Just make sure the container has a drainage hole, and plant them in a gritty well drained soil mix.


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Jul 29, 2017

I bought this one also
by: Tina

I really like it; it is called baby toes. Plants are like people, we have many names. Pick one and enjoy your beautiful plant.