Drought Tolerant and Strikingly Different Succulents

Senecio is a wide and varied genus, most with succulent leaves and daisy like flowers, but there are some that are more like a garden perennial, and you would be hard pressed to see the similarity between them.


They are all over the map as far as appearance, some have chubby sausage like stems, with leaves that look just like ivy or fat maple leaves. Others are slender and cylindrical.

Some are even more disguised, but one thing they have in common is a flower that looks like a skinny daisy.

Senecio oxyriifolius subsp. tropaeolofolius

Many have slender, pointed succulent leaves, like Senecio mandraliscae and S. serpens. These types generally have a lot of white waxy ‘bloom’ or pruinose as a protective sunscreen.

Senecio stapeliformis – looks like (formed like) Stapelia

Others look like little vines with tiny green peas or even banana shaped foliage. There’s something for everyone.

Senecio cv ‘Elkhorns’

As an added bonus, some of them have quite aromatic sap, which smells a bit like some kinds of conifers, but nicer. It’s more resiny, and very appealing.

The flowers of some species are spicy scented.

Senecio serpens – Blue Chalk Sticks

They are tough, reliable and hard to kill. Learning how to prune them is important, because if you aren’t ruthless enough, they just keep producing one long gangly stalk.

Senecio kleiniformis

Add some of the Senecio genus to your collection – they’re fun, easy to grow and propagate, and lovely, in bloom and out.

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