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bright green and red with yellow flowers 21550716

Flower-like leaves, with lots of flowers too.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

This appears to be some type of Echeveria, based on the form of the leaves, but most have either pink or peach coloured blooms, not bright yellow.

A close up of the flower to show the form would be a help, as that’s where many identifying features are – the form of each flower, and how many stamens, how many petals and how they are attached and arranged on the stem.

I have to say, this plant looks happy, so obviously it’s getting enough light. Sorry I can’t tell you more, but maybe that will narrow it down a little.

Happy Gardening!


Comments for Bright green and red, with yellow flowers

Jun 13, 2016

yellow flowers on echeveria
by: lydia

I too have yellow flowers on what I think is an echeveria – off of a shoot that hangs down.
Wondering though if I should trim the flowers when they die and also the shoot???

Jun 13, 2016

Pruning the flowers
by: Jacki

Hi Lydia, yes, by all means trim the dead flower stalk right off at the base. The plant doesn’t need it any more once the flowers shrivel.

Jul 25, 2022

Not Echeveria
by: Zeke

It’s Sedum palmeri