A promising new variety

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Sedum cyaneum ‘Willy Bellot’ quickly became a favorite when I received it from a friend in 2012.

Propagating it is a joy; every single cutting roots and grows in plugs, in containers and gardens, showing great promise as a reliable garden plant.


As this guy is still in the trial stages, it’s hard to tell how it will be over the winter; those that know of my Sedum and succulent nursery are aware of the deep snow I get here, which cover everything for several months.

I’m eagerly anticipating spring, so I can see how all my new stonecrops survive.

Late in the fall, those plugs that had been planted into big containers (my camouflage planters) died back on the top growth, but you could still see little buds, waiting and dormant and ready for good weather to arrive.

Later on, the leaves flushed with a pretty pink glow, over a lime green color.

The flowers start in August and continue through September, picking up where some of the other low growing types end, and coinciding with the taller border Sedum as they start to bloom.


Update; I can safely say that this is a plant that will survive almost anything – being planted in metal pots and left out all winter, no protection at all, and they come back better than ever.

If you’re looking for a sweet little Sedum, that is not grown much in the industry, but should be, this is it.


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