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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

Michele asked me this question and I thought it was important to share, as others may be wondering the same thing.
Here is the question that Michele asks:

I’m looking for ground cover to put around a ceder hedge, will Sedum be able to survive around the ceder? If yes, the hedge is about 5 feet large X 40 feet long. How many plants will I need? Presently, the ceder are not large…

Here’s my suggestion:

Sedum may not be the very best choice of groundcover plant, due to several reasons.

Sedum loves full sun, and being shaded by the cedar hedge won’t be the best situation for it.

Also, cedar (I’m assuming you’re using Thuja occidentalis, or Brandon cedar for your hedge) tends to drop old leaves on top of anything below, sometimes smothering it, but even more potentially harmful, will contribute a very acid environment.

Part of this is from the roots, and part from the rainfall carrying it from the leaves.

This is why many times you’ll see cedar trees of all kinds with no undergrowth.

I suggest instead of a plant, simply mulch to prevent weed growth, and a distance away from the root and drip zone, plant a wide bed of Sedum there. Depending on the width of the bed, one plant every foot / 30 cm will be adequate for a one foot wide bed. Adjust to suit your measurements.