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by Scott
(Vancouver, B.C.)


Hi Jacki,

We live in B.C. as well, down near Vancouver. I know a bit about trees, not much at all about succulents.

We’ve had this succulent that we picked up at Granville Island Market some time ago. It’s never been robust and I’m pretty sure it is not long for this world.

My questions for you:

What is it?

Is there a way to save the live growth at the top of the plant? Can it be ‘propagated’? Any pointers?

Is there anything you can tell us about how it got this way? was it over/under watered? Something else?


Comments for Scott

Dec 31, 2019

Poor thing!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

That plant is in the worst possible shape of any I’ve seen. Not sure how it got that way, but generally, they are not treated properly, and most likely it didn’t get enough light. I doubt if it was over watered, although that can cause the loss of leaves.

I don’t know what it is, possibly some kind of Echeveria judging from the stem. It could be some type similar to E. harmsii, or E. set-oliver.

Do not over water it. That’s crucial when the plant only has a few leaves. Plus, it’s winter and so this is the dormant time. Let it dry out almost completely.

You can cut off the top and let it dry out a few days or a week, then plant it into DRY potting / cactus soil. Don’t water it until you can tug on it and it doesn’t come out. In time, with luck, it will grow roots.

This link may give you some ideas on what it needs.