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by Stephanie


Round leaves that turn from green to yellow and fall off. Some of them have a slight pink border around the rim. The leaves grow from tall skinny stalks. The leaves get closer together at the top of those stalks. The plant is about 4 inches tall.

Comments for Round Leaf Succulent

Sep 08, 2014

Some kind of Kalanchoe
by: Jacki

With the sideways pictures it’s hard to tell but this is some kind of Kalanchoe I believe. Without seeing more closely, I can’t decide which one, but maybe that’s a place to start.

The leaves turning yellow and falling off can be caused by not enough light, the most common cause, or too much water.

If the soil is damp all the time, you’re overwatering it. Let it dry out between, and I mean, quite dry.

Even though it may seem very dry if you touch the top of the soil, down lower it is most likely still damp. These plants resent wet feet.

To see more about Kalanchoe, look at this page, and for general succulent care, see this one.