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by Emily
(Lansing, MI)


This was in the succulent section of a farmers market. The pictures show it’s size, color, ect… I can’t find anything online that looks like it! Thanks in advance for your help!!

Hi Emily, this is one of the variegated Peperomia, which are often grown as very easy first succulents or houseplants. They don’t need the bright light of many other succulents, which is a good thing. They are easy going with their watering requirements too, not really needing the extreme drying out of many other succulent plants.

They are also easy to propagate by stem cuttings.

One thing to watch for is if any of the new growth reverts back to plain green – cut out these new shoots; as they’re more vigorous than the variegated growth, they can take over and choke it out. There is a lot of variability with the amount and color of the variegation, and this one is spectacular.

You can see more about this particular Peperomia on Dave’s Garden Website.

Hope this helps.

Comments for Mottled Yellow and Green Leaves

Dec 19, 2020
by: Janis

Think this one is a peperomia obtusifolia marble, I have two