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by Angela
(Fort Worth, TX USA)


Flapjack needs help

My flapjack is over two years old and is in a large pot outside under covered porch facing east.

It’s been lush and green but stretching (because my husband thinks it’s neat) which is why it’s propped up on the trellis.

We’ve replanted several pups but lately just left it alone. Now the bottom leaves have started to wither and die while pups have started to sprout from the main stalk/stem. The top of the main stalk/stem is still lush and green.

How should we proceed???

Comments for Pups growing off main stalk + dying lower leaves. What’s next???

Oct 13, 2020

First of All
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

East facing light, under an overhang, is not enough light for these plants. They need bright, almost intense light, for at least six to eight hours per day. So it’s no wonder it’s stretching.

More about light requirements for succulents and grow lights.

Eventually, if left, it will probably end up completely prostrate, with all the pups growing upright at first, then starting to lean.

If you plan to take it indoors for the winter, now would be the time to renovate it; take all the pups off and put them into a flat of cactus soil, or potting soil mixed half and half with small gravel, sand or turkey grit. Then keep them on the dry side, under lights for the cooler months.

More on winterizing succulents.

Discard the main plant, it’s not ever going to do much that is attractive.