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by Adriana Love
(Boise, ID – USA)


I am new in getting plants. I have bought two succulent plants that are doing great and just recent bought this Sansevieria Cylindrica.

I bought it maybe a week ago and watered it. I went to check on it today and don’t remember it having this at the top of the soil.

I keep it in my kitchen, which has very small amount of light coming in.

I live in the state of Idaho.

When I bought it, it already had the brown mark on the leaves but not sure if that can be fixed too. Please help. What do I need to do?

Comments for Is this normal? Or mold?

Aug 27, 2020

Wrong type of soil
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Often, this type of plant (specialty ones) are planted in the wrong kind of soil – so the place they grow them doesn’t have to worry about watering them much. Usually, it’s a peat based compost type of soil, and it grabs water and holds it. Then, when the soil dries out, the fertilizer salts precipitate out of the moisture onto the soil. So, not mold, no need to worry. If you find it unsightly, put some kind of pebble mulch on the top of the soil. Also, don’t overwater. These plants prefer a good drink, then to dry out almost completely. More on the genus here;Sanseveria.

As for the brown mark, that is mechanical damage from when they formed the cuttings into the braid, and it’s not something you can fix. The damage it comes with is permanent.

It sounds like, if you want to keep it alive, that it will need a bit more light, although Sanseveria don’t need as much as most succulents. This one might, because of the twisted stems