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by Mya
(Georgia, United States )


A few days ago I repotted my dieffenbachia plant from a 8inch pot with succulent soil into a 10 inch pot with indoor plant soil and started to notice the leaves began to drop and yellow.

I figured the soil was retaining a lot more water than the plant was accustomed to which I noticed when water began to pour out of the bottom of the pot when lifted. It also soaked through towels I placed under the plant days after being watered.

I repotted the plant back into 8.5inch pot with succulent soil it was used to and avoided watering after reporting it.

I currently have a humidifier near and some of the green color has returned to the plant but it still is droopy. Is there anything else I should do?

What kind of lighting should I place the plant in during this stage ?

Comments for Please help !! Dieffenbachia plant has drooped since being repotted

May 06, 2021

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

You did exactly the right thing. The over watering right after potting up could definitely cause this type of reaction. No plant likes to have wet feet unless it’s an aquatic plant!

For now, until it re-establishes itself in the pot again, keep it in a bright but not sunny spot. Too much sun now could stress it out. If it’s in a dim place, move it to a brighter place.