by Sam


My office gave me this philodendron Green Princess plant. They took it out of the soil (it was in a very compacted, 100% peat moss substrate) and I want to repot it into my aroid mix, which is very chunky and airy. But of course I can’t do it comfortably with all these roots!

How much of the root system can I prune to put into a new substrate?

Also, can the roots be in water for a couple of hours until I take it home?

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Apr 22, 2022

You’re So Lucky!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

What a lovely gift!

So it looks like you took all the soil off the roots, good call. That soil mix is generally fairly cheap, easy to use, and easy to re-wet in a greenhouse situation, which is why they use it. But it’s not a good soil for a permanent situation in your home, so that was the best thing to do.

To prune the roots, chop them off about three or four inches from the base of the plant – don’t worry, the plant will replace them quickly. Then they should fit without ‘J’ing them in the pot.

Yes, they’ll be fine in water for a few hours. Or, what I do is wrap the roots in a damp/wet paper towel, and place it all in a plastic bag until I can deal with it.

Good luck with it, it’s a nice plant!