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by ezekiel leavell jr
(madison, tn)

Is there a commercial grass seed that will prevent neighbor’s pets from utilizing my grass as their personal latrine? My rationale for asking is animals more often smell the area before they conduct business.

There is a company that produces a pest repellent called Skoot – this seems to be effective against deer and rabbits, but they say that has no effect on pets; this would indicate that dogs don’t mind it a bit.

There is no actual grass seed that will prevent this type of thing, that I am aware of.

Diplomatic relations with neighbors are one of the most delicate of things; you run the risk of being targeted even more if you complain.

A good fence will work, if that’s possible.

Another very effective deterrent is a motion detector sprinkler, which senses an animal and will shoot water at them; this is a good option, because you can’t possibly be blamed for picking out that particular dog, it would be all dogs as well as other animals that receive the same treatment if they come on your property.

Best of all, it’s harmless. It’s unlikely that you could get sued for this, and it’s virtually free, once you buy the sprinkler.

Alternatively, warning signs that your property has been treated with a chemical (even if it’s not) that could be harmful to pets might work.

I feel your pain, and wish you the best of luck with this thorny problem.