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by pam
(fremont, ca)

a succulent on her back porch, the spikes grow up then the blooms come, and bend around to make what looks like a heart. The flowers look like small orchids…here.

Hi Pam, this is some type of Echeveria; I’m not sure exactly which species or variety because there are hundreds, all equally gorgeous. The blooms don’t always form the heart shape, but that is really fun, isn’t it!

Some bloom in spring, and many more have fall bloom times. The flowers are small dangling bells on a long spray, opening over a long period, sometimes several weeks.

You can see more about these great plants here.

Hope that helps narrow it down for you!

Comments for On a website, she says that it blooms every spring…

Apr 24, 2015

Echevenia blooming in heart shape
by: Mary

I have that plant and it is blooming now with the most beautiful coral flowers and formed a heart shape…can’t wait until it blooms all over the heart shape! Awesome