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by Janet Mayfield
(Kaslo, BC, CANADA)

to build/grow one of those cool looking “living wall” things, made of different types of succulents. They are amazing, but which plants should I start with?

I live in Kaslo, West Kootenays. Your site is full of yummy looking plants, but is overwhelming to me. Can you suggest where to begin?

Thanks a bunch.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Janet, I totally agree with you that it can be overwhelming – there are just too many choices!

However, in my mind there are only a few plants that will work in our area, as the tender succulents can’t stay outdoors – Sempervivum, the hens and chicks, are hands down the best choice for living walls in cold climate.

You can see what these look like here: Succulent Mosaic; you can buy these great plants in bulk as plugs, which is the most economical way to get lots of variation in colours and textures for your project; see more about ordering those here: Sempervivum plugs.

These will be established in one season, and only get better from there.

Hope this helps narrow down your choice a bit!