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by Theodros A.
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)




We have a plant in our vicinity here in Calgary. And we don’t know the name of this plant. Could you give us any information about this plant? Image is attached with this email.

Best regards,

Theodros A.

Comments for Name of plant

May 18, 2017

Possible Culprits
by: Jacki

Hi Theodros, you haven’t said anything about where this plant is growing, or anything more about it, so I’m flying blind here.

The leaves almost look like rhubarb, so if it’s got thick red stems, this could be it.

Otherwise, it resembles sticky burrs or burrdock. If this is what it is, give it time and see if it sprouts up a long stem with purplish thistle looking flowers, then the sticky burrs form.

These things are like Velcro and stick to everything, pets, shoes, pants and even your fingers.

In some areas this plant is classed as a noxious weed, so you may want to dig up the ones that sprout in sensitive areas.

Several species of the genus Arctium are used medicinally – the roots are used as medicine and for various culinary uses.