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by Stacy Stevens


Like hens and chicks this succulent has babies..but these intricate globes each have their own webs. Love them just can’t figure out what they are. Thanks for your time.

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Jun 16, 2010
Problem solved!
by: Jacki

Hi Stacey,
Your beautiful little hen with her chicks, is indeed a Sempervivum. There are several species in this genus, one of which is called ‘arachnoideum’ or, spider web hen and chicks.

This is one of them, and very pretty.

You’ll be happy to hear that they’re extremely hardy, and eventually will fill the container with many chicks spreading to around two to three feet across if you give them enough room. Keep them on the dry side, well drained soil is essential, and outside in the cold and snow for the winter. However, don’t allow ice to build up on them, as that will kill them.

For ideas on how to use the many chicks that you’ll get look on some of these pages:
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