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by Lindsay
(Portland, OR)


Hi! I’d love your help identifying these lovely plants!

The one on the right has a rounded stem and serrated VERY reproductive leaves. I grew it from a baby that I picked off my friend’s plant. Hers was growing similarly to this one: leggy with curly-cue leaves. It drops loads of babies a few times a year. None now.

The one on the left I recently picked up from a nursery. It’s leaves are more rounded and crenated. Stem is reddish-purple. Wondering if it’s a type of kalanchoe that may flower as well!

Thanks for any ideas and/or tips!

Comments for Mystery plants – maybe kalanchoe

Apr 13, 2017

The most common plants
by: Jacki

Your new plant looks like Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Flaming Katy. The dead giveaway is the leaves with the scalloped edges.

The tall leggy thing is telling you that it’s not getting enough light – the long ‘internodes’ or space between the leaves, and the drooping of the lower leaves indicates that it needs much brighter light.

Maybe it will be happy outside for the summer. Let it adjust slowly, a bit at a time, so it doesn’t get sunburned.

If it’s got ‘reproductive leaves’ it’s most likely this plant; Mother of Thousands.