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by Ashley
(Saint Augustine, FL)


Hello! I recently bought this at a nursery that sells orchids, succulents, cacti, etc.

The owner said it was very rare and told me a name for it.. Devil’s Back or something of the sort, but I’ve looked on the internet and can’t find what it is.

I bought it from the succulent section though, so I’m assuming it’s a succulent. It’s only about 6 inches tall. I mostly at least want to make sure it’s not poisonous or anything like that.

Comments for Stalk with white leaves

Oct 11, 2017

It’s totally poisonous!
by: Jacki

This is called Devils Backbone (not sure why they call it rare, I’ve seen it lots). The botanical name is Euphorbia tithymaloides.

Just so you know, anything without the chlorophyll in the leaves (which is what makes them green) is extremely weak and hard to grow.

This could be a grafted type, in which case the green type foliage may try and take over (being more assertive) so if it starts to do that, cut the green parts off.

Like all members of the Euphorbia genus, the sap is poisonous and caustic (will burn your eyes). Use caution in handling it.

Why would the nursery where you got it not even mention this??