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by cheyenne
(Toledo, Ohie)


A plant about 3 feet tall. It has an odd white flower with a yellow center.

I won’t know how to properly take care of it until I find out what it is!

Hi Cheyenne, somewhere around here is another post about this plant, and as you have noticed, that flower really gets your attention!

The plant is called Spathiphyllum, or the Peace Lily.

They are really one of the easiest plants to grow, and not that difficult to get to bloom, a rarity in the plant world.

Interestingly, they are known for their ability to absorb and remove all kinds of toxic chemicals from the air in offices; the benefits of this become evident if you happen to be a sufferer of ‘sick building syndrome’ which causes headaches, allergies and many other disorders.

Moist soil at all times, medium light levels, and the occasional rain shower in the summer to wash the dust off, and this plant is happy pretty much anywhere.

They bloom regularly if somewhat pot bound (in a pot a little bit too small for them) and the flowers will appear in summer, if they are able to get some natural light.

Best of luck with your lovely and low maintenance plant,