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by Danalee
(Manitoba, canada)


My lithop, and friends, need a little help identifying them perhaps, the biggest is definitetly a split stone, but the other two I’m not sure of.

Hi Danalee, there are several very similar plants that go by the names of Living Stones, Pebble Plants and Split Rocks.

These that you have don’t seem to be Lithops which generally have a flat top, many with markings to make them look even more like a little pebble in the desert.

Other possibilities are Conophytum, and Optalmus, which these resemble more closely.

I notice that you’re using some kind of peat based potting soil; these plants generally aren’t that happy in organic soils; where they originate, it’s extremely likely that they will be growing in soils with mostly a mineral type of base, or even directly in gravel or sand.

They absolutely demand excellent drainage, and you’ll know if it’s not good enough, because the plants will just die.

You can see more about how to grow Lithops and at the bottom of this page there are more stories about Pebble Plants.

Sorry I don’t know more about these fascinating plants; I do know that there are many, many different species, especially in the Lithops genus.

Have fun!