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xwhat type of spider is this 21598933

My friend actually found this waiting in her hallway when she got home. She trapped it under a glass as she thought it may be one that bites & she had her 2 year old with her so didn’t want to risk it. She thought it may be a Wolf Spider, then someone else told her it wasn’t & probably wasn’t even from England. Can you help please?

Drought Smart Plants reply:
From your picture, I’m thinking this is most likely a Garden Spider or Araneus diadematus, sometimes also called the Cross Spider because of the markings on the abdomen.

Their main prey is flying and jumping insects, so we’re probably safe from them biting. They do tend to look quite fierce because of the bristles on the legs.

These are one of the largest of the orb weaving spiders, and originate in Europe, but have since been imported with cargo, to make a home here in North America as well.

It’s unclear why they want to move indoors in the fall, as the adults usually die off as the weather cools, leaving behind the next generation to carry on.