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by Lola White
(United States yulee fla)


Example of a Stapelia flower

yes my stepelia has just bloomed the most beautiful stinky flower and has more fixing to open.

I have people wanting cuttings from other plants just like it; can I just break a piece off or how do I do that and can you just stick the cutting in the ground will it grow?

Hi Lola, I generally pull of a whole stem from the base – these will root quickly and have the best chance of survival.

Having said that, it’s just as easy to simply cut off a piece of a longer stem, and you can chop it into pieces around 3-4″ long; each will root and make a separate plant.

Keep in mind two things; one is that they have to be stuck into the soil right side up, so keep that in mind when you cut them up, and also, it’s absolutely crucial that they are allowed to dry out and callous over before you put it into soil.

It’s important to have the right soil; extra gravel or sand, and sterilized if possible, especially for indoor plants so you don’t accidentally give someone a pest.

If you do want to put it directly into soil, don’t water it for at least a week. Otherwise, it can allow moisture into the inside of the cutting and rot can start.

Best of luck propagating!