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by Beckt
(Milwaukee WI)


It has flowered 3 times this year! It’s not a store bought plant. I started it from one piece of plant that a co-worker gave me and it’s been doing so well up until now! 3 or 4 years I’d say, and now it’s turning purple. I came back from a week long vacation (a coworker watered it for me) and one whole branch was dead, and turning yellow.

Here is a pic of it healthy: Beckts plant: that branch right in front is already purple and wrinkly in this photo!

(I do have another type of plant in there too. the one with the little pods is a different succulent)

What to do? Thanks!


Hi Beckt, that is a problem with these plants, if a person (trying to be helpful) overwaters it. I might be inclined to completely remove it from the pot, and have a look at the roots. If the soil is really wet, leave the plant out to dry out a bit, putting it on paper towels or newspaper to soak it up.

I would also sacrifice the flowers, which can be a real drain on a plant that isn’t doing so well. If it’s already had lots of blooms this year, it’s not such a disaster.

Other than that, quick, take a cutting and try and get that established – let it dry out considerably before you water it. I usually pot them right into dry soil mix especially for cactus, or use something like Sunshine Mix #4 which has extra aggregate.

Don’t give up! Patience is the key, and simply doing those few things might be the one right action.

Best of luck with your Stapelia!

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