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by Mum


some of the rosettes are fine and then on one side of the plant its dead and stringy looking.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Mum, thanks for posting this question.

I’ve had some plants that have this issue, and it seems to be related to the type of soil. Many commercially packaged potting soils are peat based, and retain way too much moisture for most succulents. This can lead to root rot, the single most common cause of succulent plant death.

I recommend using a soilless mix that has added aggregate, such as pumice, perlite or small gravel. Avoid sand which is too fine, and clogs the pores of the soil even more.

Some manure based potting soil that you get for annual plants such as geraniums (Pelargonium) and other plants that only live for a season on your porch are fine for a short time, but tend to either have too much fertilizer in them (which most succulents don’t need) or pathogens that can start to grow.

I’m suspecting that your soil is some kind of peat based potting soil.

If this is the case, I recommend beheading any of the rosettes that are looking good, and re-root them by setting them on top of DRY well drained potting soil.

I use Sunshine mix #4, and there are other similar brands that have lots of extra drainage material, or you can add your own. Some potting soils especially developed for cacti work the same way.

Good luck with your plant!

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