A Solo Build It! Review

My SBI! story began in 2009. I had a beautiful website started in 2002 that was way too far above me technologically, and quite frankly, it was intimidating to even consider doing anything with it.

my sbi story

I had to pay webmasters to do any updating or additions, even though I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and creative.

As a result, it rarely had anything done to it.

Traffic was static at around ninety visitors daily, and occasionally people would contact me via the live email link to inquire about the plants I sell.

Pretty pathetic, all told. Eventually, I couldn’t afford the $30.00 an hour bills for simple updating of the home page, and told the webmaster she was fired.

Now what? Still completely intimidated by the thought of FTP, CSS and HTML and all the other letters of the alphabet, I was lost.

Then while browsing, I came across this site that had a very clean look, and easy navigation, and they had a page which asked if I had a story to tell on sustainable living.

I filled it in, and once I was done and submitted my little page, the next page declared that I had built my first web page and if I wanted to know more, go to this site, with a link to SBI! or Solo Build It!


Skeptical at first, I took a deep breath and jumped in.

I was hooked, and haven’t looked back since. The fun I was missing out on! Learning how to build my own pages has been an exciting journey.

Learning a little bit of HTML (that was so scary) to add to the easy system of block building each page has been made simple, and I’m taking it in tiny little baby steps.

The great camaraderie with the people on the forums has made it so easy to solve any technical difficulties I might have, and I’ve even found I can help others, and pay it forward.

The amazing part? Even a complete Techno Peasant like me can do it, and build a website that looks clean and professional.

What’s in a Name?  Site Build It! or SBI! as it’s known, has changed focus a bit – but not much.  Instead of referring to sites only, it’s now geared more towards business building – hence the change to Solo Build It! – get it, solopreneur? 

Now I’m just tortoising it as my traffic builds. The mascot of SBI!, appropriately enough, is the tortoise. I’m having so much fun and getting so much satisfaction, my only regret is that it took so long to find SBI!

Remember the beautiful website I told you about up above? I’ve now resurrected it using all the SBI! tools, completely rejuvenating it with a new topic – Rustic Crafts.

Have a look at Blue Fox Farm here.

Where My Websites Are At;

Updated Jan 4 2012: Blue Fox Farm is now getting almost 300 unique visitors a day, and steadily climbing; this site in only 9 months is paying for itself with the ads on the few pages, and is obviously a crowd pleaser

Update May 6 2013; two more have joined the stable; Frill Free, and another site which has been sold with the online plant business.


As a total non-techie, the fact that I can build not one, but several websites, has been an eye-opening experience. 

Going from someone dependent on hiring a coding expert (who had to be kicked in the pants to get anything done) to finding the satisfaction, joy and delight of building my own sites is one of my best accomplishments. 

Now that I’m having issues with my health and have been forced into quasi retirement, having websites that continue to bring in traffic (huge amounts of it) and visitors from around the globe, I don’t need to worry about cash flow – the website is my money machine, 24/7, 365.

Find out more about using your passion to build a business here.

Check out this short video:

Join me in the exciting process of building your own, high traffic site, and learn even more; SBI! is not just about website building, it’s a business mentor. 

Even if you have nothing of your own that people will purchase from you there’s the very viable option of selling advertising to other companies that aren’t so successful. 

The sky is the limit – what’s holding you back?


There are unethical people everywhere, and one group is becoming an obvious menace, not just to SBI! but to budding solopreneurs everywhere.

Their modus operandi is to create fake reviews about SBI! which paint it in a bad light, then guide people to their own inferior product. 

Search for the term, Solo Build It! reviews, or SBI reviews, and you’ll see how they work.

SBI! is putting together a study that is going to blow it all out of the water, with proof of what’s really going on.  There is no way you can not see the issue, when the proof is right there, and easily replicated.

Do the math;

The study included every site from both products. On average, SBI! placed 3,300% more (that’s 33X) sites into the top bracket. The other product only “beat” SBI! in failure (and by a large margin).

Those fake reviews have all kinds of ways of “fake-reviewing SBI,” but they never, ever compare success because SBI! has always provided tons of verifiable proof on their site.

The Study, though, is ultimate, head-to-head proof. It’s the first time anyone has done a head-to-head contest between 2 products. But it’s important to “out” the fakes…

Fake reviews are a big problem online. They mislead consumers, just to make money. For more info, do a Google search for “fake reviews.” It’s so bad that Consumer Protection Groups and government may have to step in.

It hurts me when the team at SBI! ask for my help – it’s usually the other way around!  I’ll do whatever I can to bring about fairness, and keep SBI! accessible to everyone.

I built THIS site into a business with Solo Build It!. The Study shows how I would likely have failed without SBI! – they had only 53 sites in the top category, less than 1/10th of SBI!’s results (even though the other company has 70% more sites!). 

That thought scares me, and thankfully, I found the one place that helps me without question to make a high traffic site that is completely mine. 

They take care of everything, which clears the way for me to focus on what I really know and love, succulents.