by Steve Colucci
(South Bend, IN)


About two-inches in diameter. Green. Blossoms once a year from a central stem to a yellow bloom.

Rescued from close-out rack.

Hi Steve, it looks to me like that is one of the pebble plants, which are called that because they look like, well, pebbles.

Also known as Living Stones, they are made up of several genera, the most well known of which is Lithops.

This one looks more like it would be either Conophytum, or Opthalmus, which are very similar.

You can see more about Lithops and how to grow them here.

Dave’s Garden Website has lots of information about Conophytum here; this species is only one of many, many different and wonderful types: Conophytum obcordellum.

Hope that helps narrow it down a bit – you’ve got your work cut out to try and figure out exactly what they are – as these hybridize easily, if this one is seed grown, you will never be able to pin it down exactly, but at least that gives you some guidelines to grow them successfully (although, judging by the pictures, benign neglect suits them just fine!)

Happy succulent growing!