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by Sheera


I have got this Jade plant as a gift. Its with me for a month now. I have followed the instructions;

(1) water 10ml twice a week

(2)sunlight 2hrs per week

But due to sudden very hot summer, the leaves were drying and falling. I asked the owner of the plant about this, and she said it’s normal and new leaves would grow and as it is summer, if the soil feels dry, I can add a little more water to the plant.

But now the plant is completely drooping. Please help

Comments for My new plant is drooping

Mar 14, 2019

Too much water!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The plant is waaay too wet. I think it may be too late as it looks like it’s also rotted at the base. If you stop watering it NOW you may be able to salvage part of it, but really, I think it’s too far gone.

It also (when healthy) needs a lot more than two hours of sunlight per week! These are desert plants, and evolved in extremely bright and dry conditions. I suggest you do some research (starting on this site).
Here are some of the most basic of pages concerning care of succulents;

succulent plant care

Download this Basic Succulent Care Sheet or purchase the Succulent Care Handbook. There is a lot of information in these resources, hopefully it will get your succulent back on track.