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I have an echeveria plant that has developed a tall thick center stalk with buds directly on the tip of the stalk, looking like it’s going to bloom. will there be any seeds from there and will I be able to collect them for regrowth?
hope to hear from you soon,
Shawna, zone 6a Western PA

Hi Shawna, the flowers will produce seeds, but in most cases only if there is another Echeveria that will cross pollinate the flowers. Generally, these are self sterile, and in some cases, completely infertile, if they are hybrids. Not all of them are like this, and sometimes they will surprise you.

They are insect pollinated, so you can play the part of a bee, and using a paintbrush, just dab around to move the pollen from one flower to another.

When the flowers dry up, cut the whole stalk off and put it upside down in a paper bag. As the seed pods dry, they open, and the seeds will fall into the bag.

They resemble nothing so much as a bit of brown dust – but each one has the potential to grow into a brand new plant. It’s a long slow process, but so interesting that you could find yourself with a serious addiction on your hands. That’s how it starts…

Best of luck,

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