by Linda
(Madison Tn USA)


What is this?

I am trying to find out if a plant in my yard is poisonous.

Hi Linda, you’ve just been introduced to Poison Oak, or Rhus diversiloba, and is related to the Poison Ivy, which is Rhus radicans.

Both of these plants can cause severe dermatitis, and also can cause major issues if they’re burned. The only safe way to get rid of them is to use a chemical herbicide such as Round Up or other similar type of chemical. This is the only time I would consider using a herbicide as there is absolutely no other safe way to dispose of them.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe some ointment usually consisting of a cortisone to ease the itching and pain of the blisters.

You have my sympathy; these plants can be a curse that keeps on giving, as in some cases they also cause phytotoxicity, and you’ll find that sunlight makes the symptoms worse.

Best of luck,