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by kristie

I have had a very cute coral cactus for a while now. I bought it and it was doing great! Until my fiancé dropped it while we were moving. It broke almost in the center into two halfs. is there a way to get the broken half to grow roots or is it a lost cause? The main half is fine but I don’t just want to throw away the other one. Please help!

So, the wedding is still on?

Is this a type of Euphorbia? I would say that you have a good chance of getting roots to grow, depending on a couple of things. First of all, it must dry out to be able to callous and form the right type of cells for roots to emerge, so set it on some dry paper towel, and let it dry out completely for at least a day or so. Then, get a clean container (plastic pot with holes in for drainage is fine) and put some well drained cactus mix in it. Stick the bottom of the broken part about one inch into the mix. Use a couple of pebbles if you have to to hold it upright until the roots form.

Don’t water it! This is the main cause of this type of plants refusing to root. You have to make the plant want to chase the water, not keep it right around the plant, which will just rot it.

After a couple of weeks or so, with luck, you’ll find that it is starting to root.

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