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where can I get Orostachys seed? I was able to get some on the nargs seed exchange, specifically O. chantei, O. iwarenge and an unknown species.

I’ve been hunting for plants and seed on the internet I live in the states. I talked with Jack Broxholme from Cavendish Perennials. He has some but alas he’s in Canada and doesn’t ship to the states. He’s also done shipping plants.

I’m looking for plants because I’m starting a small nursery here in maine. Love any suggestions.

Also growing Delosperma and as many hardy succulents that I can persuade to grow in this climate. Hope the growing season goes well. Mark Brandhorst.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Mark,
So great that you’re starting up a nursery to sell some of the all time greatest plants – so few people have even seen these, but more and more they’re out there.

For seed, I usually try and get my name in early to Gardens North, but there are limited supplies of Orostachys spinosus, and no idea of any others that she may carry. Otherwise, try the Cubits for Sempervivum and Jovibarba, and also for Succulents, and get your name in for some trades. There are lots of people growing these fascinating plants in the US.

Let me know if you have any success,
Best to you too in your venture!