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by Alice


Part of it has what looks to be mold on it while other parts are a dark blue or black.

The whole thing has shrunk and is drooping.

Also, the base of the cactus feels soft.

Can it be saved or should I start over with a new Cactus?

I’ve read that because it is a grafted plant it will not live for long. Is this true?
Sorry for the picture quality; it’s pretty crappy.

Hi Alice, you have already pretty much come to the conclusion that I have; once they get soft and mushy, that’s pretty much it. I have wondered if this would be an issue with them, although many grafted plants are long lived.

Some of it is dependent on species used for the root stock and the top part, and whether they’re compatible in the long term.

Buy a new one, and make a promise not to overwater it!

Best of luck,